About The Best Timaru Auto Upholstery

J&J Autotrimmers started back in 2007 in Greymouth on the West Coast.  After working in Greymouth for a few years the owner and operator John Molloy moved the business to Timaru.  After all, Timaru is where John completed his apprenticeship almost 45 years ago.

J&J Autotrimmers specialise in Vintage car upholstery and is proud to be an absolute perfectionist when it comes to his work.  With 45 years of experience in repairing and re-upholstering cars, John is a leader in the industry of vintage vehicle re-upholstery and you can guarantee your car is in the best possible hands it can be.

John has owned upholstery businesses in both New Zealand and Australia over the years and has mastered his own technique in automotive upholstery.  Drop by the shop located at 13 Dee Street Timaru and see what we can do for you.

Some of Our Work